Forgotten user name or password Guest Access Website

Guest Access Website

If you forget your password, from the Guest Access Website Login screen, simply click "Forgot your password?" 

Enter 1) your Guest/Third Party UCInetID (your registered e-mail address), 2) the date of birth you used when you registered, in the format mm/dd/yyyy, and 3) the last 4 digits of the Social Security number you used when you registered. If you didn't enter Social Security numbers, just leave that field blank. Then click "Validate UCInetId Information."


1) Make sure that your UCInetID and full name are displayed correctly (if not contact the Office of Information Technology Response Center at (949) 824-2222); 2) read the password question and enter the answer you provided when you registered; 3) enter a password, then enter it again as confirmation. Consider reading the Guidelines for Password Selection for help choosing a secure password. Then click "Submit Password Change" button.

You will see a confirmation that you have changed your password. Your new Guest/Third Party UCInetID password is active and ready to use immediately. 


This page was last updated 02/02/2010