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Information provided by the Student Billing System (SBS) for your ZOT Account Online is from student records and is governed by Federal and State laws, and University policies. Additional Information can be found at http://www.reg.uci.edu/privacy/.

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You will need your Student ID #, UCInetID and password. If you have not activated your UCInetID, please visit OIT now.

Your Zot Account may not reflect the most up to date billing information or payment deadlines for Summer Session. The Summer Session Student Services office handles all enrollments, outstanding balance collections, drops, and holds for Summer Session. Please contact the Summer Session office at (949) 824-3300 regarding all Summer Session fees and payment deadlines. You may also view your Summer Session account information at https://summer.uci.edu/courses/uciNetlogin.aspx

PLEASE NOTE: If you are adding a third party UCINetID as a guest to view your account in GuestAccess, please wait at least an hour after the creation of a third party UCINetID account. Thank you.

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Guests/Third Parties

To view ZOT Account information, login to the Guest Access Website with your authorized Third Party UCINetID (TPID) and password.
  • Register for a Third Party UCINetID (TPID) at the Third Party UCInetID Registration Page. Give the TPID to your student.
  • Your student sets up viewing permission for you by following the instructions to authorize guest/third party access.
  • Note that you can only view billing information. You cannot make payments, or manage a PACE plan.
  • For help with forgotten passwords or changes to existing passwords, contact the Office of Information Technology.
To make online payments, login to CASHNet Payment Platform with your CASHNet Third Party User ID and password.
  • Your student invites you to use CASHNet by adding you to his/her account as an authorized third party.
  • Your student also controls access to his/her account by setting login and SMS permissions. He/she also can reset your CASHNet password when needed.
  • Note that you make payments and manage your link with the student in CASHNet. You cannot access ZOT Account Online.
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