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Information provided by the Student Billing System (SBS) for your ZOT Account Online is from student records and is governed by Federal and State laws, and University policies. Additional Information can be found at http://www.reg.uci.edu/privacy/.

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are adding a third party UCINetID as a guest to view your account in GuestAccess, please wait at least an hour after the creation of a third party UCINetID account. Thank you.

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  • If you have been authorized to make electronic payments on behalf of a UCI student via Net-Pay, our secure Internet electronic payment service, please visit Net-Pay to log on. When a UCI student invites you to make authorized electronic payments, you will receive an e-mail invitation from the student containing your activation code. Use the Student ID Number and Activation Code to sign up and create your personal log in ID and password for Net.Pay. Please note that Net.Pay authorization does not authorize the release of student financial information to you. See Guests/Third Parties, below for more information.
  • Guests/Third Parties are now able to view student's financial information, but only after registering as a Guest/Third Party and the student has authorized them. Please note that Guest/Third party authorization does not authorize you to make electronic payments on behalf of a UCI student via Net.Pay. Please see the paragraph above for more information.